Alberto Peisach

Alberto Peisach’s entrepreneurial spirit and drive has been a guiding force to Sheltron. As a leader, Alberto has successfully guided Grupo Phoenix, transforming a single operation manufacturing company in Colombia into the successful multinational company that it is today. Alberto’s experience in mergers, acquisitions and leadership skills, as well as his willingness to always help others reach their highest potential, make him an outstanding partner at Sheltron.

Alberto has a bachelor’s degree in Systems Engineering from The University of Pennsylvania.

Jaime Lederman

Jaime Lederman’s ability to manage operations, understand numbers and develop company strategies makes him an ideal partner at Sheltron. He currently is the COO of

Grupo Phoenix, where he manages and oversees operations in USA, Colombia, Mexico, Venezuela and Uruguay. Jaime is also a disciplined athlete and when he is not working he may be found running, cycling, and hiking. He has completed multiple marathons, triathlons and was a former professional tennis champion of Colombia.

Jaime has a MBA with focus on Entrepreneurship from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, as well as a BA in Economics with a minor in Industrial Engineering from the University of Los Andes in Bogota.

Carlos Tapias

Carlos experience in sales and ability to strategically find and partner with early stage companies with exponential growth, make him an ideal partner at Sheltron. Carlos is currently the USA Country Manager of Grupo Phoenix and under his leadership he was able to diversify the company’s portfolio. Before joining Grupo Phoenix Carlos proudly served in the Colombia military for 7 years. His discipline, hard work, determination, family values, and competitive spirit are a product of his time serving his country. He is also an avid athlete who loves all sports ranging from running, cycling, and hiking.

Carlos holds a bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering from the University of Miami.