Centennial man accused of using drone to be a ‘peeping Tom’

CENTENNIAL, Colo. — Residents of a Centennial neighborhood say they’re fed up and frustrated with a man terrorizing families.

They say a neighbor named Doug has been flying his drone right outside windows and peering into homes while they are in their bedrooms or bathrooms.

FOX31 and Channel 2 are not sharing Doug’s last name, as he has not been charged with a crime.

Close to a dozen neighbors have complained, even bringing their concerns before Centennial City Council.

Jane Worthing says she caught the drone peering into her bathroom while she was getting ready for bed.

“It’s a violation. You feel like you’re under surveillance. Your privacy is invaded. No one needs to be listening to me or peeking in my second-story bathroom at 10:30 at night,” Worthing said.

“That’s horrible. Why are you doing that?” added Cheryl Williams, a neighbor who says she has also encountered the drone right outside her windows at night.

The FOX31 Problem Solvers also wanted an answer to Williams’ question, so we rang Doug’s doorbell.

He says his neighbors are all lying when they say he’s used his drone to peer into their homes. He claims it has never happened.

Neighbors do not believe Doug and say he is a criminal.

“I consider it voyeurism, invasion of privacy, peeping Tom. Just because it’s behind a piece of machinery does not make it any different than a person on a ladder,” Worthing said.

A group of 10 neighbors are taking action, vowing to change city ordinances to make flying drones more regulated and restricted in the city of Centennial.

They say they don’t have a problem with drones. Rather, they have a problem with using drones to invade neighbors’ privacy.

“I don’t want him to fly. They shouldn’t be able to fly in our neighborhoods. Go somewhere else and do your thing,” said Barney Mitchell, a neighbor who also claims to have been violated by the drone.

“Somebody needs to take it away from him. That’s not right,” said Williams.

Doug has not been charged with any crimes, but sheriff’s deputies have been called to his home.

A handful of Colorado cities have instituted strict guidelines and rules about flying drones, but many have no rules on the books at all.

Drone operators do have to register with the FAA.