With the fast-paced technological advances in the development of UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles), drones are no longer just innovative devices for leisure or professional activities. Drones have also become a low-cost, easy to operate threat that endangers public safety and national security everywhere.

Unidentified drones have caused an alarming rise in security breaches and terror attacks. Consequently, integral counter-drone defense solutions have become an essential need for organizations around the world to protect themselves from this new breed of unprecedented threats.

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Reckless Users

Reckless Users

Reckless drone use is a serious threat to civilians. The risk of collision is very high, which can cause damage to property and infrastructure, injury to persons, and be potentially fatal. In addition, drones can disrupt public events, law enforcement activities, and airport operations, causing financial losses and great inconveniences.

Terrorist Attacks

Unregulated and easily accessible, drones are the most practical tool to realize an attack at low risk. The variability of size, range, and load capacity also render these devices highly weaponizable: they can be programmed to carry weapons, explosive devices, and chemical and biological payloads. The potential consequences are immeasurable.


Espionage /
Invasion of privacy

The discretion of drones makes them ideal for espionage and intrusion. Small drones can be used to spy and hack companies without triggering any alarms or even raising suspicion. They can also be used to enter private premises and record and take pictures without the controller trespassing into the property and alerting security.

Illegal Smuggling

Drones are not only easily accessible, but they are also easy to operate. This makes drones the perfect tools for anyone to smuggle contraband into otherwise inaccessible or highly regulated places. Correctional facilities are the prime target: drones are used to smuggle illegal substances, cellphones, and other contraband.