Why us?

What we do

Our mission at Sheltron is to be one step ahead of the growing threat and crisis that affect our world today.

To accomplish this goal, we combined a unique diversity of experience, talents, and technologies to create precise and tailored solutions for our clients. We assess, analyze, and manage risks. We also establish proper protocols and provide the right technologies to strengthen and defend our client’s businesses,  infrastructure, assets, and privacy.

Our holistic solutions are designed by security and defense experts using the latest German, Israeli, and American technology to effectively reduce our client’s existing risks and take proactive action against their threats.

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  • sniperv3

Detecting and tracking

Any type of drone


Implementing effective operational protocols and procedures

Custom Solution

Creating a custom made solution depending on our clients’ needs

High Detection Ranges

Protecting our clients’ infrastructure or business with extremely high detection ranges

Locating drones
and pilots

Locating drones/drone swarms and their pilots

Monitoring in
real time

Accessing and monitoring our clients’ assets remotely in real time

Corporate Governance

Sheltron operates under a code of ethics and governance that is comprised by a set of values, principles, policies, rules, means, practices and processes that direct and control our activities to ensure efficiency, transparency and compliance with our commitments to stakeholders.

Our company is regulated by the following values and principles: